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 SSME Trust
 Trust Institution
 Residency - Introduction
 Growth and Profile
 Key Map
 Road Map
 The Complex
 The Temple
 Good Morning - Happy Morning
 Vidya - Library
 Utility Services
 Essential Services
 Air Conditioner & Refrigerator
 Landline Telephone
 Television and Cable Connection
 Front Office and Security
 Central Kitchen
 Food and Dining Hall


  வைதீக காரியங்கள்

 Community Living
 Office Administration, Secretarial Assistance, Banking Services Circulars and Representatives
 House Keeping
 Personal Services
 Services of Outside Agencies
 Geriatric Block
 Medical Block
 Unit Nursing Service
 Medical Emergency
 Shifting from Units to Geriatric Block and Geriatric Block to Medical Block
 Ambulance Service
 Consultation With Specialists
 Tests and Diagnosis
 Outside Hospitalization
 Visitor to Medical Block
 Medical Services by Outside person within Residency
 Treatment from Doctor / Hospital of residents choice
 Critical Stage - Management
 Medical and Healthcare - Rules and Regulation
 Residents and Staff
 Staff Welfare Fund
 Monthly Charges
 Caution Deposit
 Monthly Billing
 Leave of Absence
 Shifting of Unit
 Vacating the Residency
 Refund of Caution Deposit
 Last Rites
 Donation of Eyes, Organs and Body
 Settlement of Account on Demise
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