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Every Unit is fully furnished and an exhaustive list of such furnishing is appended. Any items required furnishing will be made available on request and payment. Any item of furniture not required by the Resident can be surrendered but no compensation/ exchange is possible.

The designs are patterned by the Residency according to Vasthu Sastra. Any addition/ alteration of the same will not be entertained.

The occupant shall move in with the bare minimum personal belongings and keep all such belongings in the allotted units. Personal belongings including jewels will be, under the safe custody of the Residents. The Residency will not take up any responsibility in this regard, but shall extend any sort of logistic support needed for the occupant, to bring his belongings into the Unit, on payment.

The Residency cannot take up the responsibility of storing/selling of any of the personal belongings of the Residents. The Residents are requested not to create any structural damage to the interiors.

All items in the Unit furnished as in the list appended herein are chargeable whenever replacement / maintenance is required. Shifting of any furnishing from one Unit to other Unit is not permissible on any account even as a temporary measure.

- Whenever a new Resident occupies a Unit, the items mentioned in Schedule B will be replaced with new ones. The items in Schedule-A will remain the same.
- Whenever a Resident shifts from one unit, to another unit, on request, the items in Schedule B will also be shifted to the new Unit allotted.
- Replacement of items broken during usage or due to wear and tear will be done on payment.


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