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The following are the items of work included under House Keeping activity inside the unit:

- Sweeping and mopping of the unit

- Cleaning of wash basin and closets

- Washing and drying of used clothes

- Cleaning of flask and tumblers

- Cleaning of windows, furniture etc.,

All is my duty, Seniors at Rest !

The Housekeeping activities will be carried out between 8.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. on all days except on Sundays and other holidays.

The timings of Housekeeping activity in each unit will be decided on mutual consent or on rotation.

The deputation of any particular staff for Housekeeping on all days is not possible and request for the same will not be entertained.

The used clothes will be washed in the respective bathroom, dried outside and handed over to the Resident in the afternoon.

The Residents have to provide the required detergents, sanitizers, brushes, cleaning cloth etc to carry out the house keeping activities. These materials can be purchased from the Angadi.

The pillow covers, bed spread and blanket will be washed and ironed once in a month. Window curtains will be replaced with washed and ironed ones, once in three months.

Cleanliness - Every Nook and Corner

Germs free
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The cob-web cleaning and general dusting will be undertaken once in three months.

The services of Housekeeping staff can be utilized for arranging materials in the loft, almirah etc., which are within their reach.

The Housekeeping staff will execute only the stipulated items of work and will not be able to undertake any other work.

Every Resident will be supplied with one mattress, one bedsheet, two pillows, two blankets, two bed spreads and four pillow covers at the time of occupation which is inclusive of a spare set.

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