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Air-conditioner & Refrigerator

Electrical provision is made available in every Unit to install a SPLIT Airconditioner.

Window Airconditioner cannot be installed as there is no structural provision.

- Airconditioner / Refrigerator is not included in the package of furnishings.
- The Residents can make their own arrangements for purchase and installation.
- The Residency will provide necessary assistance on payment.
- The Residency will act as a facilitator and carry out any repair or maintenance on payment.
- The Residency will coordinate for the purpose of an Annual Maintenance Contract on reasonable terms.
- The Residency will not take up any responsibility either to return or replace the items once indented and purchased.
- The disposal of used Airconditioner or Refrigerator is not the responsibility of the Residency.
- In the event of any spare part going out of order, like the compressor etc, the same will have to be attended only by the mechanic of the manufacturing company and our Residency Electrician would not be responsible for attending to such faults.
- The Residency will not be responsible for the replacement of any part and the same should to be borne only by the Resident.


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