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Residents and Staff

- The Residents are required to follow the laid down procedure for their needs and requirements.
- The staff will never entertain direct orders or instructions from the Residents.
- The Residents are requested not to issue direct orders to the staff even though every member of the staff is meant only to serve them.
- The Residents are requested to treat the staff with courtesy and kindness and in turn every member of the staff will help them with utmost obedience.
- As a safety measure the Residents are also requested not to climb any stool or ladder or to have a walk on the open terrace, to avoid any untoward incident.
- The staff will provide the necessary assistance for lifting or placing the materials in the loft, on request.
God is with you
Service with dignity
- The Residents are not permitted to use the swimming pool.
- The Residents are requested not to leave the keys in the door itself i.e., in the key holes after locking, but hang them in key hooks provided so as to enable the Residency to open the doors with duplicate keys during emergency, if any. This rule is strictly enforced.
- The duplicate keys will be used only during emergency by the higher authorities.
- The Residents are expected to refrain from having any direct official/ personal transaction with any member of staff, except with the service staff who are designated for such purposes, that too only in regard to those specified services.
- Every staff member will attend to the assigned duties with commitment and will not accept any deviation from the Resident.
- The Residents are required to treat the staff with decorum and not to indulge in direct abuses or criticism.
- Any deficiency in service can immediately be brought to the notice of the respective Administrative Officers for instant remedial action.
- The entire team of staff will strive hard to render the best possible service with respect, love and affection without any discrimination.

- We solicit the fullest co-operation of every Resident to continue our Mission all through.


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