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Medical and Health Care


- All the expenses of Residents accommodated in Units, Medical and Geriatric blocks, such as cost of medicines, diagnostic tests, transport etc. will be debited to the account of the Residents. During outside hospitalization the diet charges too will be borne by the Residents.
- It is our earnest endeavour to render care and treatment with due alertness to the patient at the time of emergency. However, in the event of any unfortunate happening, the Trust shall not be held responsible.
- The applicant/Resident considering his/her age and health condition has to furnish consent letters - both self and from legal heirs in the prescribed format for the purpose of undertaking medical care/treatment during emergencies. This rule is applicable even for the existing Residents.
- The Management will not be held responsible for any eventuality in case the Residents or their kith and kin are not willing to cooperate with the medical advice/direction.
- It is the earnest desire of the Residency to extend all medical facilities to the Residents in the normal circumstances and during emergencies. We will provide the best medical facility and treatment to the best of our ability and keep the legal heir/kith and kin informed about the same however, in such circumstances, when situation is beyond the control of the Residency and medical fraternity, the Residency Management will not be held responsible for any unfortunate eventuality.
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