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The Trust is involved in nurturing the buds by educating children from 2½ years to 17 years. It is employing people in the age group of 18 to 60. The idea of maintaining a direct association with the SENIORS in the age group of 61 – 100, was the prime factor behind the start of “SSM Residency”.

SSMR Grihapravesam - 30th April 2006

In our traditional household, till recently, the elders had enjoyed a respectable status in the family as the head and such elders' advice was always looked with awe and was carried out without questions. With the advent of the nuclear family, the joint family concept is fading away and both the husband and wife being employed, the socio-cultural set-up has undergone a drastic change, that the elders feel missed out of their belonging.

It is no exaggeration that with the increase in the longevity of life, battling with the body and soul in the twilight years is certainly a traumatic experience.

Some do not have offsprings of their own and they feel highly lonely in their sunset years in life. These couples would have not felt such loneliness when they were in their pursuit of wealth and status. On their retirement from active life their worry and concern about their old age startle them.

Many senior citizens are unable to manage to live with their children for the simple reason that they are living at far off locations or foreign countries and unsuited climatic conditions. They are pressed to fall back at a place where they feel secure both physically and psychologically.

The elders would have enjoyed a very high sophisticated standard of living during their service time and would not like to trouble their children with such requirements or would not like to be a burden to them under the belief that they should live on their own and be independent. “The generation gap” is the commonly used term these days to explain the difference in approach and attitude of the young and the old.

Our Trust aimed at contributing its mile to alleviate the loneliness of the elders and thus was born “SSM Residency”. It is a “Home away from home” with unmatched comfort and care in a congenial atmosphere. Emotional support combined with unfaultered love and affection, offers peace, dignity and honour to the elders.


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