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'Annapoorani' – the Dining Halls are annexed with mini kitchens to prepare and serve a few items of the menu in the most delicious manner i.e. Hot Dosa, Chappathi, Poori and a few snack items.

- The hygienic Dining Halls are lavishly furnished and maintained.

- The Halls function from 8.00 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.

- The Dining Halls are managed and administered by an Administrative officer along with supporting staff.

Creamy Inn !

Dining Hall

- The Dining Halls serve food in units also, for those who have opted for such a service on payment.

- The Dining Halls cater to the supply of - morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, supper & night milk.

Timings of the Dining Hall services :-



Breakfast /porridge

08.00 a.m.


09.00 a.m.


10.30 a.m.


01.00 p.m.


02.30 p.m.


04.00 p.m.


06.30 p.m


08.00 p.m.
- Coffee is certainly a south Indian delight. This delight freshly mixed in pucca south Indian style is served hot in the respective units.
Coffee Ready - Please Wake up !
- Service in the Dining Hall beyond the notified timing is practically impossible, especially after the specified exit time. All the Residents and Guests are required to leave the Dining Hall at the closing time to facilitate cleaning and to proceed with other activities for the next session.
Dignity of serving
Hygiene care

- Night milk is supplied in the unit at 08.00 p.m.

- Allotment of a particular table in the Dining Hall cannot be insisted upon.

- Persons who are sick are not permitted into the Dining Hall. The decision of the Management will be final in this regard.

- Food is served only in the Dining Hall.

Taste Buds - Active at Eighties

- Food items served in the Dining Hall should not be carried to the unit.

- Outside food is strictly not allowed in the Dining Hall.

- During occasional and sudden sickness of a Resident, the food will be served in the Unit as a special case for a maximum continuous period of three days without any additional charge. If this service needs to be extended, the same will be on payment for all the days and on request.
- The Residents are required to maintain absolute decorum keeping in mind the feelings and sentiments of the fellow Residents.
- During occasional rush time the Residents are required to adjust, to be patient and allow the staff to perform their service in a smooth and perfect manner.
- To those Residents who are partially disabled and cannot commute to the Dining Hall, permanent unit service will be arranged on payment.
- The Residents are expected to occupy the seats in the Dining Hall in a continuous manner without leaving any vacant seat so as to enable the staff to serve in a better manner without delay. When Residents are seated in a scattered manner they have to wait patiently till the serving staff attend to them. In such cases, the delay in service will become a matter of routine and the Residents have to bear with the same.
- The food items are prepared taking into account, the total number of persons to be served. However due to fluctuation in the pattern of consumption of different items by different persons on different occasions which will not always be constant, occasionally there may be shortage of food items. Whenever a food item gets exhausted the Residency will prepare and serve any other equivalent food at the earliest. However it may take a few minutes. On such occasions the Residents are requested to adjust to such a delay, without considering it as an insult.
At your service - Always


- Delicious pure vegetarian food of high nutritious value is served.
- Non vegetarian dish even from outside is totally prohibited inside the Residency.
- Garlic is not used as an ingredient.
- Onion is regularly used.
- The Residents, who avoid onion, are requested to adjust with the other items in the menu.
- Mashed food / food without salt / boiled vegetables can be served on request on a permanent basis.
- The diet system is a balanced one, taking into account the age of the Residents and their taste.
- Every Resident must be weight conscious in their own interest. It is their own responsibility to control their diet considering their health and other parameters.
- Common menu is being followed taking all factors into account.
- If any particular item is not suitable to a Resident he/she has to adjust by taking other items available in the menu. There cannot be a separate preparation in such cases. The Residents are requested to bear with us in this regard.
- Prescribed menu cannot be altered on any account.
- If any specific item is insisted as a substitute for the Regular menu, such items will be provided only on extra payment.
- Due to age/health condition, whenever a Resident is not able to accept the prescribed menu in the breakfast snacks/dinner, idly with milagai podi can be substituted on permanent standing instructions.
- The Residents can sponsor a special item of food in the menu, or a day's food as a whole or part thereof to celebrate an occasion / event, on their choice on payment, but on an advance request.
- Debits will be raised to the account of the respective Residents, if coffee, tea or other food items are served to the staff / workers of the outside agency of those Residents.
- During breakfast time oats porridge will be served in place of breakfast on written request. In that case those Residents are not eligible to avail coffee or tea or milk along with porridge. Other items of porridge will be supplied on request and on payment.
- Frequent change of request / instruction / option and changes expressed at the time of service cannot be entertained.
- The prescribed quantity of morning Coffee/Tea/Milk and Night Milk will be served in the unit with or without sugar. Extra quantity if required will be served on payment.
- Coffee/Tea/Milk will be supplied according to the prescribed quantity.
- Each Resident will be supplied with ½ kg of sugar per month for their use. Extra quantity if required can be purchased from Angadi.
- Other items of beverages, fruit juice and any other item can be arranged on payment and on prior written request.
- It is not possible to supply fruit juice at a fixed price in view of wide price variation in fruits. The charges for fruit juice will vary according to the prevailing market price.
- The Residents should not waste any food item served in the plates. Deliberate wastage of food will attract levy of charges.





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