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Front office and Security

- Emergency issues alone will be attended to between 5.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. on all working days and on notified holidays - all routine affairs should be transacted only during working days at office hours, through proper channel.
- Travel arrangements are controlled and operated .
- Vehicle movements including parking arrangements are monitored.
- Guests visiting the Residency during the office hours or at odd hours are well received and guided.


- The Residents, Visitors, Guests and all others will be received on all days and all the 24 hours with utmost respect and dignity.
- The staff on duty will attend to their requirements conforming to the rules and regulations.
- The Residents can be rest assured that their Guests will be well received, and given a warm send off while leaving. There need not be any worry on this account.


- It is the paramount responsibility of the Residency to provide foolproof security to the Residents to the best of our ability.
- The vast campus is totally protected with high raised compound walls provided with barbed wire fencing on the top.
- The entries and exits are controlled and regulated through security gate.
- Security guards will be moving around the entire complex on rounds for perfect surveillance.
- The entry of the Residency staff, construction workers, suppliers, visitors to the Residency and other entries are regulated through laid down rules and regulations, to protect the well being of the Residents.
- The Residents are requested to absolutely co-operate with the regulations pertaining to themselves and their Guest. The esteemed Residents are requested not to interpret this aspect of regulation, as interfering in their personal liberty and status. There should be no ego in this regard.
- The Residents are normally permitted to be away from the Residency only between 6.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. There can be a few exceptions under special circumstances on prior permission.
- The Residents both at exit and entry must individually sign the register maintained and fill all the columns therein. Group entry is not permitted. This procedure is followed in the best interest of the Residents and not with an intention to disrespect them or to interfere in to their personal matter. The Residency has to take into account the age and the health condition of every Resident and has to perform its duty and responsibility legitimately.
- The Guests of the Residents will be issued with the entry pass at the time of entry after verifying the genuineness and the bonafides - both from the visitors and the concerned Residents over the intercom. The guests while leaving the Residency will surrender the entry pass at the Front Office. They will also be required to sign the necessary registers therein without much of inconvenience.
- All the Residents will be issued with ID cards which they have to carry always while crossing through the Front office – both ways. This rule will be implemented in letter and spirit.
- The Residents on an overnight stay outside or during a long absence from the Residency must compulsorily obtain prior written sanction from the Administrative office. This is required only in consideration of the well being of the Residents and not to disrespect them. The Residency has to perform the duties and responsibilities as a Spouse, Son, Daughter and Kith & Kin and even more at times, as all of them are away leaving the elders under the care of the Residency. The youngsters are away only out of compulsion and not otherwise.
The Residency is the true servant of all Residents and their legal heirs in this regard.
- Whenever a Resident notices any lapse on the security aspect, it should immediately be brought to the knowledge of the Administrative office for an action.
- When a Resident requests for the services of the outside agency to attend to their technical needs, prior permission of the Residency is a must, to allow such persons inside the Residency, that too, between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. only. No outsider / service person will be allowed beyond the stipulated timings.
- The Residency reserves the right to check the baggage and the luggage of any visitor and the Resident at the entry point, to avoid transmission of prohibited items such as liquor, cigarettes, non-vegetarian dish etc. The Residency will not encroach upon the liberty and status of the Residents and Guests. Wherever suspicion arises, the Residency will resort to such checking in the larger interest of the units and the well being of all the Residents.
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