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Shifting of unit

Normally no Resident shall be allowed to shift from one Unit to another. However, in exceptional cases, on written request, the Management may consider such application subject to the following:

- For the purpose of grant of shifting, the entire Units in the Residency are bifurcated into three sectors as A, B and C

Sector    Blocks
A.    Cauvery, Tapti, Narmadha
    Pennar, Vaigai, Krishna
    Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi
    Godhavari, Brahmaputra & Mahanadhi
B.     Sabarmathi
C.    New Annexe

- Shifting from floor to floor within the sector will attract only the fixed shifting charges.

- Shifting from sector to sector will be treated as admission of a new Resident and the difference in current caution deposit and the caution deposit already paid, has to be paid by the Resident including payment of shifting charges.

- All shifting will be on priority basis and subject to availability only. However, the existing Residents will have preference over the new applicants.

- The old MOU has to be surrendered for entering into a new MOU.


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