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At the first instance, before the receipt of the application and the caution Deposit, the Director / Trustee or our representative will meet the applicant at his / her place of stay, satisfy about the family and financial background and the need for a stay in the Residency.

- The Management reserves the right of admission.

- Pure Vegetarians with clean habits alone are eligible for admission.

- Applicants from respectable families who can match with high ideals and goals of the Trust alone shall be given admission.

- Applicant who has the intention to live in peace and maintain a harmonious relationship with the fellow Residents alone need apply.

- Applicant who accepts and follows the rules and regulations of the Residency alone will be given admission.

- Applicant should have the financial status to bear the prescribed charges, expenses and the annual increases thereon.

- After the compliance with all the formalities, the allotment letter will be issued.

- In the normal circumstances, the applicant has to occupy within 2 months from the date of issue of such letter.

- In special cases, the time limit can be extended by one more month on a written request.

- The applicant will be deemed to have occupied the unit on expiry of 90 days and the monthly bills will be debited to his account.

- If the applicant fails to occupy the unit on the expiry of 180days, the allotted unit will be cancelled and the caution deposit will be refunded after deducting all the dues.


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