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The Residency complex, houses the sports complex for our students.

- Students in the sports complex on working days add a feeling of emotional bondage to the Residents.
- The children in the campus make the elders forget their loneliness and make them feel as if they are very much with their family amongst their grandchildren.
- They tend to identify themselves with the children and feel emotionally comfortable.
- The children add glamour to the life of the Residents.
- The elders take more interest in spending time with the children and carry a great sense of mental satisfaction.
The Two Ends Meet
A happy Conglomeration
The Residents feel more enthused and excited to see the children of Montessori in the age group of 2½ to 7½ years. The toddlers add a meaningful value of life to the Residents during their playtime in the Montessori Park.
The children exhibit an intense interaction and spontaneous affection with these elders and make them feel bright and cheerful.
The children also make their life more meaningful and purposeful. Healthy conversations bond strong relationships .
The children in the “Montessori Learning Centre” are the LITTLE ANGELS who mingle with the elders in their routine and spend a little time to make the elders come out of their boredom.
Reviving childhood memories!
MLC Park bonds the young and the aged


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