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Landline Telephone

A separate Digital Telephone Exchange with 400 lines capacity has been installed by the BSNL, the national landline service provider. Thanks to BSNL for providing us with optical fibre, the most sophisticated technology available today, for a distance of 4 km from the National Highway to our Residency.

All the units including Geriatric unit except the beds in the Medical block, have a separate landline connection with STD facility. ISD facility can be extended on written request and payment.

The Residents are billed on the actual usage. On the monetary front, any special concession or discount granted to the Residency by the BSNL will not be transferred to the Residents. Temporary disconnection of landline, for whatever reason, is not feasible.

Those who avail landline telephone connection on their own and not through the Residency network, are not eligible for intercom facility. Whenever a service is required to be extended for such private connection, including payment of bills, a service charge as may be fixed will be collected. Free-of-cost service will not be available.

Normally the services extended by the BSNL are good. The officers and staff of BSNL are highly co- operative. However, due to unforeseen contingencies beyond human control, any breakdown in the system for a few hours or rarely even for a couple of days, the Residents have to bear with such inconvenience and adjust accordingly.

The Residents are also requested not to quarrel with or antagonize the BSNL officer/ department, in their bit of anger, which may hamper our cordial relationship with the department and jeopardize routine services on normal days.


- The Unit Land line telephones have the intercom facility to enable the Residents to contact the Administrative Office, Front Office and other utility services. The Residents can also use this facility for internal contact amongst themselves.
- A fixed monthly charge for providing a special telephone service and intercom facility will be debited to the account of each Resident – per connection.
- Whenever the Residents call the Administrative office or the Front Office to transact any official business, they should identify themselves with the name, block and unit number for easy reference and to render quick and better service.
- The Residents are requested not to directly disturb the kitchen and other areas of operation through intercom, as the staff are under instruction not to respond or act upon such calls. Any matter should be routed through proper channel, well in advance to maintain an excellent service. There is no place for any ego in this regard.

Broad Band Connection

The BSNL Broad Band connection can be made available to the individual telephone connection in the unit, on written request. All expenses thereon and the monthly charges will be debited to the account of the Resident.

Browsing centre

The Residents can avail the Internet services, browsing and e-mail facilities through our Browsing centre available inside the Library – Vidya, during the working hours, on payment of prescribed charges.


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