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The Residents when they join in the Residency, they become part and parcel of our SSM Family. It is the responsibility of the Residency to respect their feelings and protect their honour and status. The only requirement is that, certain laid down rules and regulations are to be strictly adhered to, as the Residency has to serve the Guests and Visitors of nearly 400 Residents.

- The Guests can stay along with the Residents in their units without charges. A set of plastic mat with pillow is available with the furnishing.
- Extra cot and mattress or mattress alone will be provided on request and on daily charge basis.
- Separate accommodation can be provided on request and payment subject to availability.
- The guests staying for a short while, for a period up to and inclusive of 3 days will be charged for actual food item only. For a stay of more than 3 days the charges will be on pro-rata basis based on the fixed monthly charges applicable to the Residents, irrespective of the food and services availed.
- Unit food service cannot be extended to the Guests. If insisted, the same will be on payment.
- The Guests can stay for a maximum period of one month on advance intimation.
Two Generation - Residents with their Great Grand children - The Guests
- Food arrangement to Guests can be done only on prior intimation one day – 24 hrs in advance. Sudden requirements cannot be complied with.
- Cancellation of visit of Guests should be intimated one day in advance. Otherwise the Resident will be charged for the same, even though the service is not availed.
- Medical services to the Guests will be on payment.


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