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Community Living

The Residency is designed to be THE PERFECT HOME for the elders without any compromise on any of their personal preferences. There are certain broader issues on which the LIVING could be blended to make all the virtues of a peaceful living.

- Every Resident is entitled to live with absolute, Tranquility, Dignity and Honour.

- Ensuring all these is the foremost concern of the Residency.

- The entire Residency is a Township and it is a Community by itself.

Life is lively

Happiness Multiplied

- Certain basic guidelines in the community living have to be necessarily complied with by all the Residents to make life the most harmonious and the happiest.
- Provision of Lighting in the common area of the Residency is done, keeping in mind the various requirements. Changes or modifications in the lighting arrangements are certainly not feasible. Switch on and off control will be done only by the Residency staff.
- The bubble top containers placed in the blocks are as decided by the Residency authorities and there is no option for the Residents in these areas of assignment.
- The Residents are expected not to indulge in any affair or loose talk that may be objectionable to the fellow Residents or to the Residency Management.
Compliments not criticisms

- Whenever the behaviour of a Resident is found detrimental to the physical, psychological and peaceful living of the fellow Residents, the Residency will demand such Resident to vacate.
- The Residents cannot have any choice in demanding that a particular employee should only be deployed in their units for any of the services provided to them.
- Every Resident is entitled to have an individual space for every facet of his activities but at the same time it shall not be a disturbance to any of the other Residents in general.
- Television and Music system volume should be kept at minimum level, throughout the day, to enable the other Residents enjoy the silence needed for their peaceful living.
The ethereal environment

Get set - It's Lunch Break

- The Residents are required not to pluck the flowers in the garden even for pooja purposes. The scenic beauty should not get affected at any cost. Pooja flowers can be ordered and purchased from Angadi.
- In view of the old age and physical stability, the Residents may not be in a position to take care of their belongings, particularly jewels they are wearing. There are chances that they may lose the jewels in bathroom or in other locations. They may also knowingly or unknowingly keep their valuables including cash in some places and suspect the service staff. We wish to emphasis that the safe custody of all personal belongings, valuables including jewels and cash will be by the concerned Residents only. The Management will not be held responsible for loss, if any.
- However, the management is not shrugging away from the responsibility to meet the cash requirements of the Residents in case of emergency. In this connection, we request you to refer our service under the heading “Banking service” which explains that the Residents can avail the imprest cash facility exceeding Rs. 1000/- but the maximum limit of Rs.10,000/- during emergency, after surrendering a cheque in favour of Residency.
- The financial economic / social status enjoyed by the Resident has no role to play in the Residency. The Residency will treat everyone alike and the Residents must live in total harmony with all the others.
- Persons who have held very high positions in the Government services might have the tendency to have a continuation of living with such a paraphernalia in the Residency too, but the same will not be feasible. They too would be treated on par with all the other Residents in the Residency. Those who can psychologically adjust to such reality of life alone, need opt to this Residency.
Minds at play

Leisure - Come Let's share !

Refreshing Twist !

- Pure Vegetarians with clean habits alone will be considered for admission. Smoking or liquor consumption is totally prohibited. Residents with unethical behaviour will be removed from the Residency.
- Menu for food cannot be prepared based on individual requirement or taste. Residents must adjust by choosing the items suited to them from the common menu.

Inspite of all the sincere efforts taken by the management to provide a congenial living atmosphere, there may be a few Residents who due to their status, age factor or by virtue of intentional or unintentional habits will always indulge in spreading negative feelings in the excellent atmosphere. The intelligent and learned Residents are requested to ignore the attitude of such Residents, thus providing a natural ending for such unpleasant activities. All five fingers are not alike.

When the activities of such Residents cross the limits of tolerance, the Management will ask them to vacate the Residency on proper notice.

Heart - to Heart

Book - My Best Companion !


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