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Monthly Charges

The items and services included in the fixed monthly charges are:-

- Furnished accommodation with amenities

- Food as prescribed

- Housekeeping as described

- Recreation

- Personal in-service

- Library

- Landscape & gardening

- Common newspapers & magazines

- Function & Festivals

- Temple and Spiritual activities

The other regular monthly charges are:


- Current consumption

- Telephone

- Cable connection

- Common electricity

- Telephone intercom service

- Common Maintenance

Fixed monthly charges will vary from Regular block, to Geriatric Block and to Medical Block.

The Residents in the Geriatric Block & Medical Block are eligible for certain special facilities and comforts which are included in their fixed monthly charges. The services are also personalized taking into consideration their health condition.

All the other supply and services to the Residents are on payment. Such charges are payable along with the monthly bill. The Residents are required to acknowledge all such items.

In the case of single occupancy in the double unit either by allotments or due to exigencies, the monthly charges for such Resident will be 50% more than the normal monthly charges. All the other fixed monthly charges will only be at single occupant rate.

The fixed monthly charges will be revised on the 1st of April every year, depending upon the escalation in the cost of living.

Chargeable Items

All supply and assistance rendered in whatever form, on request are chargeable.

The charges for various items are subject to revision on 1st April every year and will be communicated to all the Residents individually.

A few new items of supply and service may crop-up which are not mentioned in the list. The rates for such items will be as per actuals and will be included in the future list.

- The Residents are requested to take a note of the rates and charges for different items or services and satisfy themselves before ordering the same.

- They should not bargain at the time of billing / payment and cause an embarrassment to the Residency authorities.
- The rates and charges are fixed and are not negotiable.

- The rates are not comparable with the market rates as every individual supply and service is made to order. It is a customized service, made available on all the 24 hours, on demand, at the door steps and on all the 365 days. Accordingly, the charges will be expensive.
- The Residents have to closely monitor the market trend and keep abreast of the escalation in cost outside the Residency.
- For all the items of supply and services which are exclusively payable – not included in the monthly fixed charges the acknowledgment of the Resident will be obtained immediately on compliance of such request.
- All such payments will be included in the monthly bill for payment by the Resident.
- The rate for all the extra items of supply and service for every financial year will be revised commensurate with the cost of living and notified in advance.


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