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Essential Services

Water supply

A huge overhead tank ensures continuous supply of water. The water is pumped in from the two wells which are tested and found to be suitable for Residential usage.

The overhead tank is fitted with an automatic “Measuring Gauge” to maintain continuous and constant filling to assure uninterrupted supply.

It will be more appropriate if every Resident becomes conscious to save water to ensure availability for future. Every Resident is expected to use water in the most judicious way.

Drinking Water

The water supplied for drinking is treated under Reverse Osmosis method in the treatment plant erected exclusively for this purpose.

Bubble Top is installed in every block to ensure proper availability of drinking water. The bubble top dispenser is fed regularly by bubble jet water container. Such drinking water wasted, will attract levy of extra charges.

Hot and cold dispensers are available in the Dining Halls, For the purpose of making available both cold and hot water for drinking.

Power supply

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has erected an exclusive transformer to supply power to our Residency. We place on record our gratitude and thanks to them.

Electricians are posted all the 24 hours to attend to the electrical needs, in our Power House.

Two generators of 110 KVA and 320 KVA capacity are installed in the Power House for an uninterrupted power supply in the event of power failure from the Electric Supply Grid.

A Separate Sub meter is provided in all units except in the Dhanvantri Block. The monthly current consumption Charges are debited to the account of the Residents as applicable. A monthly common fixed Electricity charge is also payable by each Resident.


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