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Television and Cable Connection

Television is not included in the package of furnishings.

The Resident will pay the fixed monthly cable charges. In case of fault in the cable or in the network, the cable network service provider alone has to set right the problem. It can only be a simple follow up by the Residency as far as the connection problem is concerned. Any delay in the restoration of service is beyond the control of the Residency.

In the case of Residents wishing to install such Dish Antenna facilities, to have connection to various satellite channels, the Residency will coordinate for such service available in the local area. The service interruptions and other problems in the Dish Antenna or the Dish service will not be within the purview of the Residency. The Cable connecting the Dish and the Television in the Unit will have to be laid externally and it is not possible to connect the same through any of the existing concealed line facilities.

The Residency is exploring the technological feasibility of providing either individual or common Dish Antenna connection service to all Units. When such a service is found to be feasible and economical, the management will implement such schemes with the consent of the majority of the Residents. All the charges thereon both initial and subsequent monthly charges will be debited to the account of the Residents.


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