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Monthly Billing

The monthly accounts of the Resident will be closed every month as per calendar month and will be furnished to the Resident on the 5th of every month.

- The following will be included in the monthly bill, fixed monthly charges, other fixed charges and all other chargeable items of supply and services rendered to the Residents.

- Since billing is done based on the charges notified from time to time and based on acknowledgment obtained from the Residents, it is impossible to furnish the details / clarification again after handing over the bill. The Residents are expected to preserve all those information and reconcile with the bill on their own.

- The monthly bill is to be settled before 10th of every month.

- The payment shall be by means of local clearance cheque / D.D / Cash.

- The collection/ bank charges if any, will be debited to the account of the Residents.


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