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Performance of Last Rites

- If need be, the last rites will be performed by the Trust according to one's own custom and tradition as furnished in the application form / directed by the legal heirs.
- In the event of death of the Resident, in whatever circumstances, the legal heir/kith & kin will immediately be informed through the available mode of communication.
- The management will understand and feel the situation of calamity in the family and will coordinate with all concerned, instantly, as per the details available in the application.
- Directions/instructions will be obtained from all of them individually or collectively on consensus and we will proceed further.
- According to the decision taken, the management shall make all arrangements to perform the last rites in a fitting manner following the customs and traditions.
- The mortal remains of the body will be clinically preserved till the arrival of all the relatives, legal heirs, kith & kin of the Resident in the morgue under the care of our staff.
- Under unavoidable circumstances where none is able to participate in the last rites, under directions from the concerned person, the Management itself will perform the last rites according to customs and traditions.
- All the religious and administrative arrangements in connection with the last rites will be made by the Management.
- The legal heirs/kith & kin will be commuted from Airport/Railway Station on intimation.
- During the period of bereavement all the relatives will be provided with accommodation, food and other services by the Residency.
- All the personal belongings of the Resident as available in the Unit will be handed over to the legal heir and the Unit will be vacated.
- The caution deposit will be refunded as per the rules and regulations after deducting all the expenses incurred for conducting the last rituals and all other dues till date.


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