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Office Administration

- The Administrative Office is the hub of the Residency where the Director's secretariat will function.
- The office will function between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on all days to transact regular official business except on notified holidays and Sundays.
- General Enquiries for booking of unit and other major policy matters will be attended to in the office.
- The administrative office will not transact any business with the Residents, as there are laid down procedures to take care of every required service at all levels.

Secretarial Assistance

The Secretarial needs of the Residents such as Fax, Photostat copying, e-mail etc will be undertaken on payment of prescribed charges.

For availing such services the Residents need not visit the office. It can be transacted through the In-service Personal staff on day-to-day basis during the office hours on all working days.

Banking Service

The Residency will

- Render all assistance to the Residents in their Banking and Post Office transactions within Perungalathur and Tambaram limits, without any charges, once in a week on a fixed notified day.
- The transactions outside Tambaram limits, within Chennai city limits will be undertaken on payment of stipulated charges, once in a week on a fixed notified day.
- It is the responsibility of the Resident to properly check and collect the Deposit Receipt, Passbook, Bank Statement, Challan, Post office Pass Books etc. The Management should not be held responsible for any discrepancy in the bank entries and misplacement of records, what-so-ever.
- All payments to the Residency will only be collected along with the monthly bills and there will not be any need for the Residents to handle cash within the Residency.
- Imprest cash facility exceeding Rs.1000/- but to the maximum limit of Rs.10,000/- can be availed by the Residents, during emergency, after surrendering a cheque in favour of S.S.M Residency, for such amount.

Intimation to Residents

- Circulars for general information will be displayed on the notice boards. The same will be deemed to have been communicated to all individuals.
- Important matters will be communicated to the Residents through individual letters.


- Any request from/ demand by the Resident should be based on individual needs and conform to the rules and regulations of the Residency.
- Requirements on common basis or group representation will never be entertained and will be summarily rejected.
- Every representation of the Resident will be meticulously analysed and decided. The decision will be communicated to the Resident orally or in writing, if need be.
- Practicality, feasibility and the need will be the main criteria in such decisions.
- Wherever a special decision is taken in favour on the request of the Resident, the cost involved thereon will be debited to the account of that particular Resident.


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