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Vidya - Library

The library functions during fixed hours on all working days.

A huge collection of books on a variety of subjects is available in the library. Residents quench their literary thirst, as the book collections meet their expectations.

Religious, Spiritual, Philosophical and informative books are also available. Surely the taste of the Residents would be served by these collections.

The Temple of knowledge
In the palace of lofty spirits
- Library is meant for usage by all, but not for any political talk.
- Decency and Decorum is expected from all users.
- Group discussion or Gossiping is not permitted.
- The Residents are allowed to borrow books for their personal reading at the unit and the same can be retained for a specified number of days. If need be, the date can be extended.
- One set of selected Newspaper & Magazine – Both in English and Tamil – will be made available for every 3 blocks, in a furnished common area for the use of the Residents. The Residents are requested not to remove any reading material from the common area.
A Paradise connecting the outside world
Books offer wings to the mind
The Residents, desirous of exclusive newspaper / magazine may subscribe for the copy on payment. They will not be permitted to withdraw the supply of newspaper / magazine for any shorter duration or in the middle of the month for reasons of absence from the Residency, except for an absence of more than a month.
The disposal of used old newspaper and magazine will be done on 1st Saturday of the every month.


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