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Residents Shifting to Geriatric – Medical Blocks


Temporary shifting

Whenever a Resident falls sick and is shifted to Dhanvantri block for a short while, the Resident can retain the unit.

- Such a Resident will be charged an additional amount, for the stay in the Medical block and no remission will be granted on the regular monthly charges payable for the unit.
- Whenever a Resident is admitted in Dhanvantri Block during day time for minor ailment or treatment, no additional charge will be levied thereon.

Permanent shifting  

The Residents in the regular units, as and when they fall sick or in need of personal care and attention due to age factor or otherwise will automatically be shifted to the Geriatric - Medical Block according to their health condition. In such circumstances there is no option for the Resident to retain the regular unit also. The Residents or legal heirs cannot request the Management to retain the regular units even on payment. The reasons for shifting the Residents from the Units are: 

- The continuous and constant services – physical, medical and

   nursing  which cannot be provided in the unit.

-  It will be an act of cruelty to leave the elderly Person Isolated in the

    unit,   which the Management will not agree or permit.


Aiding a step forward
The Clinical Touch
- The sickly person will be deprived of legitimate medical care and cure for illness.
- In a stray case, it will also cause both physical and psychological discomfort to the neighbours. The Management will not / cannot compromise on such vital issues.
- Due to Administrative reasons no exclusive/ personal attendants can be provided. Outside Attendants are also totally prohibited.
- When a Resident is shifted from regular unit to Geriatric /Dhanvantri Block on a permanent basis, the original Caution Deposit paid will remain the same. No addition/ reduction in Caution deposit is permissible.
- The monthly charges as applicable to respective blocks, will be charged.
- To shift a Resident from regular unit to Geriatric / Medical block on a permanent basis, the decision of the Residency Medical Officer and the Management will be final and will be binding on the Resident and the Legal heir. However, such sensitive and crucial decision will be taken only after careful consideration of the situation and in consultation with the Resident and the legal heir and will be dealt with utmost care on humanitarian consideration. There may be protest in rare cases on psychological grounds, which can be sorted out on mutual consultation.


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