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Personal services

It is the primary duty and responsibility of the Residency to provide the Residents with a satisfactory life. The only requirement is to follow the prescribed procedure to avail such a luxurious life of prestige and status. The Residents are expected to adhere to the prescribed norms in this regard. 

           -   All the requests are to be processed in writing in a prescribed slip available with the Residents.

           -    For each item of requirement, separate slips must be furnished for follow up action in different service departments.

           -    These request slips are to be dropped in the box available in each block. Follow up action will be taken instantly on all working days.

           -    The Residents need not contact any other official for their needs.

May I Help you ?
- No transaction will be entertained out of office hours or during holidays.
- The Telephone number of Admin office and Front Office will be made available to the Resident. Such numbers can be contacted during any emergency or for such immediate help.
- The only requirement is that the Residents should plan their needs and requirement, well in advance and act. The facilities provided should be well utilized and enjoyed by extending utmost cooperation with the staff.
- The service departments will not entertain any direct interaction with the Residents or accept orders due to administrative regulations and constraints.
- For an emergency, the Resident can also contact the Front Office – round-the-clock for assistance.
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