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According to the necessity and as per the advice of the Medical Officer, a Resident may be shifted to an outside hospital for providing better treatment and for further improvement. In such cases, the patient will be shifted either by the car or ambulance depending upon the health condition, necessary Attendant will be provided round-the-clock. The patient will be under the personal and constant care of our Administrative Officer. The service will actually be equal or more than what a Son or Daughter will render to his/her parent.

The legal heirs / kith and kin from abroad can contact only the Administrative Officer of the Residency over the telephone/mobile to have the information but they cannot directly contact or interact with the Doctors attending on the patients, as the medical fraternity is not inclined for such interaction. The local guardians of such patients are at liberty to meet the attending Doctors, during the Doctor's visit and interact with them for information or guidance.
The Residency does not maintain any tie up with any hospital.

In the event of emergency, warranting any surgical intervention, the Residency would act upon based on the consent form submitted during admission which would save the time during the 'Golden hours'. Such decision will be taken only keeping the best interest of the patient and as far as possible in constant touch with the legal heirs.



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