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Geriatric Block

Those Residents who need physical assistance to attend to their needs such as,

                        -     For bath, food and medicines  

                  -       Help for providing pans to attend to the calls of nature

                   -      To move about

-       To avail medical and nursing services, as and when required due to age or health condition, will be provided accommodation in this block.
Always busy
Mother !
This block has a furnished suite with an attached toilet cum bathroom.
Round-the-clock service by common attendants – both male and female - is available at bell call. The Medical Officer and the Nursing staff will always attend to their medical needs. uninterrupted human help can make life comfortable for the aged.
Cleaning, changing clothes, general maintenance and every minute aspect of upkeep are well attended to and taken care of by a team of staff members who work with complete dedication.
Due to administrative reasons any specific or particular attendant cannot be spared continuously. Any representation in this regard will not be entertained.
Never Missing the son


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