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Medical block

-     For those who are immobile or in need of constant medical and nursing care accommodation will be provided in this block.

-     This block has the basic clinical equipments such as ECG, Nebulizer, Pulse-oxygen meter, Oxygen cylinder, Physiotherapy aids etc. to attend to the regular medical needs and emergencies and will always be under the personal care of the Medical officer, Nurses and Male/Female attendants.

-     For the Residents / patients who are bedridden and who require aero bed, the same will be provided on cost.

-     Individual telephone connection will be provided on request and on payment.

-     T.V in the common area has been provided.

-     Even on payment, provision of individual/ personal attendant is not possible.

-     All the expenses such as the cost of Medicine, diagnostic tests, transport etc. will be taken to the account of the Resident.

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